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Is it time to detox your relationships?

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Detox your relationships. Yes, this one can be hard but so worth it!

As we detox other facets in our life, our diets, home, etc.. it’s important to evaluate the relationships in our life and detox them as well.

Do you have relationships that are one sided? People who constantly take but don’t give? Whether it be time, love, support or money? People who have no time for you? Or make you an option instead of a priority? Are you in a unrequited love situationship? Or a negative friend or family member who’s draining you?

If so, it’s time to ditch the human baggage and detox!! Friends, lovers, family... they gotta go!!

Ask yourself the questions below to evaluate each of your relationships, then take the necessary steps to rid your life of people that may be weighing you down instead of lifting you up.

1. Who inspires me?

2. Who supports me?

3. Who is open to learning with me?

4. Who celebrates me?

5. Who brings me bliss?

6. Who truly cares?

Reevaluating your relationships will help you feel more confident when finding new ones. Its best to explore things in new ways. By doing things such as asking insightful questions and embracing in creative conversations, you are pushing yourself to find valuable people to share your life with. #Life is too fragile to surround yourself with people who don’t genuinely care about you. Believe in yourself, love yourself first, then evaluate who is worthy of a seat at your table. 🖤

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