Did you know..

Depression and sleep problems are closely linked. People with insomnia , for example, may have a tenfold higher risk of developing depression than people who get a good night's sleep. And among people with depression, 75 percent have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.

A few tips to help get a better nights sleep:

Turn off all electronics 90 minutes before bedtime.

Keep cell phones out of the bedroom.

Read a book or meditate before bed.

Keep lights dark in the bedroom.

No caffeine after 4pm.

Just remember, your bedroom should be a dedicated Zen palace of sleep and relaxation.

Just because someone looks or seems strong it doesn’t mean they actually are. Take a moment and call on your loved ones and friends.

Suicide rates are at a all time high right now and just that one dark moment can change a life forever. ✨

Part of self care is gardening and maintaining your relationships. Take some time this weekend to call some friends, family, elders, you haven’t spoken to in awhile and catch up. No texting! A real live phone call with both your voices makes all the difference. It’s important to keep connections and to not feel isolated and depressed. Human contact after all is the ingredient that binds us all. 💛

Morning sunshine and tea is the best!

Did you know...

That Tea can be a great way to introduce a little moment of zen into your daily routine. With everything from classic chamomile to meditative matcha, Teas are a perfect fit to soothe the nerves and promote relaxation and well-being.

The following help with anxiety and stress:

1. Chamomile

2. Rose

3. Matcha

4. Mint

So next time you’re feeling a little anxious, pour some tea to help you relax. It works wonders.