Even in uncertain times do what you love.

Did you know:

Studies have shown that people expressing themselves through painting and art ✨can help with depression, anxiety, or cancer, too. And doing so has been linked to improved memory, reasoning, and resilience in healthy older people. The beneficial effects of creating aren't dependent on a person's skill or talents. It’s all about imagination, love and creativity.

Did you know...

Physical touch is much more important than you may know.

Human touch increases levels of dopamine and serotonin, two neurotransmitters that help regulate your mood as well as help your body relieve stress and anxiety. ✨ Dopamine is also known to regulate the pleasure center in your brain that is a good counter to feelings of anxiety.

Touch is such a powerful means of communication. It is the first language we learn and it is the first sense to develop. Done appropriately, it has a profound capacity to nurture our relationships and our overall well-being.

How many of you have gone through something that has changed your life in a way that you miss the person you were before that painful experience? You know, the lighthearted person you were before it all happened?

This might help ease the pain a bit: You are going through something and in order to grow through it, it is essential that you look for the lesson.

Look for the LESSON and grow from it. Turn your pain into power!

Self-reflection and personal understanding will allow you to release from this pain.